Pool Update

Changed payout interval from every 3 hours to every hour.

A block occured a few hours ago, so I will be waiting for the 101 confirms and then making the withdraw portion after I am satisfied that the funds distribution is working 100%

Pool To Do

Obviously some visual updates need to be done to the site as well as fine tuning some other aspects.

  • Currently waiting for a block to occur and test bitcoin payments before making it 100% automated. Currently it moves the funds to the users account, but does not withdraw them. This occurs on the same averaging for 3 days that occurs inside the p2pool itself. It is not a short term payout like the alt-coins currently are. In the future, alt-coins will become based on the same 3 day value of your hashing instead of the 1 hour averages. I watch for blocks and will develop the rest of the script for bitcoin withdraw on the next block. Obviously Bitcoin is worth more and I want to be absolutely certain it works properly before automating the process.
  • Need to add the display of hard coded upper and lower limits for withdrawls. (There is a maximum allowed per 3 hours and a minimum on a per coin basis)
  • This is not direct mining to a wallet, so having a withdraw address pointing to a site like poloniex or other exchanges are supported. Just make sure your wallet doesn’t change, or the coins will be sent to the old address until you change it.

As of this time, all these coins can be found on the following exchanges… devcoin is close to being delisted on the last exchange I know of.

C-CEX has CROWNcoin and others

BTER has devcoin and others

Cryptopia has i0coin, Unobtanium and others

Poloniex has almost everything else


Pool Update

SSL Implemented, forced SSL implemented, Sign In implemented with remembering a user for 7 days from that computer (a single cookie only used for this purpose. If you do not have cookies allowed for the site, you will not be able to login as the site cannot track if you are logged in or not).

Automated withdraw to bitcoin addresses in database (NONE, as all bitcoin withdraws were processed manually and proportionally based on invested amounts).. This is mostly as a test to determine proper automated transfer of funds when a block occurs. That is the step prior to transferring the funds out of the wallet, and is vital I determine that it is working properly prior to enabling it for users.

Pool update

  • Payouts have been moved from 30 minutes to 3 hour intervals. This is to lower wallet usage for an increased user set.
  • Last 50 automated withdraws are listed for public viewing (Username, Wallet and TXID as well as amount)
Primary Coin: Bitcoin
Merge Mined Coins: 
CROWNcoin, Devcoin, Huntercoin, i0coin, Myriadcoin, Namecoin, SYScoin and Unobtanium

Still pending to do:

Implement login, signup, dashboard and user settings, implement SSL and recaptcha where applicable.