Our Pools

We utilize the P2pool software our software of choice. For the bitcoin pool (more primaries to come soon) having hashing there already is a great start. It’s not as bad as trying to start a pool from scratch. Everybody wants to avoid a 51% attack on BTC but nobody wants to move to a pool that’s not generating blocks. Being on P2pool we can help out a lower powered pool and help it succeed.

How we do it.
We run 6 pool instances and distribute the hashing between them with our load balancing system. Our Load balancers detect traffic and load and place you on to the optimal pool. This way you only need to have one port, fire, and forget.

The rest is easy!
Once you have made an account mining is as simple as setting your address: stratum+tcp://mergemining.com:9332
Our pool utilizes a vardiff so no difficulty setting is required. However if you like (or some rental services require) Setting it is as easy as adding it to your user name: MyUsername+32768 Important: The username is case sensitive and must match your username.

Then all you need to do is make sure you set your wallet addresses in your account / wallets and balances page to get your payments regularly. We prefer to keep no balances on the system to discourage hacking.

If you are unsure where you can trade all of the coins mined here, see the exchanges page as an example as to some options.

Failing to not set an address will result in your balance growing on our server and in case of something catastrophic happening we cannot be responsible for these funds. Please give addresses to receive the regular payouts!